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Practice Areas

White Collar / Fraud / Computer Crimes

Federal fraud and computer intrusion cases typically involve allegations of healthcare fraud, securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, false statements, and unauthorized access of computers. These cases can often involve companies and people conducting business in new ways that the government believes are illegal because their business strategies are new or novel. These types of cases can also involve regulatory schemes that have changed over time, making it unclear what regulatory requirements companies must abide by. Almost any activity can be charged under federal wire and mail fraud statutes; defenses to these charges often rely on whether the accused person intended to defraud anyone. Similarly, healthcare fraud accusations often hinge on what types of regulations were in place at the time a healthcare provider was providing a particular service or prescription, and how the provider billed for services. Camille has defended many people and companies against all types of fraud and hacking allegations over the course of her 21 years in practice. She has successfully negotiated non-prosecution agreements, has obtained acquittals at trial, and has successfully challenged convictions and restitution awards on appeal in many fraud-based and hacking cases.

Conspiracy / Drugs / Money Laundering

Many federal courts tend to charge large conspiracy cases, alleging that two or more people agreed to possess with the intent to manufacture or distribute drugs; or that two or more people agreed to engage in money laundering by hiding the nature of money earned through illegal drug distribution. These kinds of conspiracy charges raise the risk for people charged in them – the government tries to hold every person accountable for the actions of others in the same “conspiracy.” In these cases, there is often a large amount of discovery that can involve wiretaps, phone and social media records, and other information. Camille has many years of experience analyzing these kinds of cases, finding defenses to the charges, and successfully employing methods to decrease the risk of potentially long sentences for her clients.


Federal firearms charges can involve allegations of selling firearms without a license, selling firearms to prohibited persons, being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, unlawfully purchasing firearms for others, or possession of firearms in connection with other crimes. The ATF at times conducts “sting” operations against firearm dealers or purchasers – the technical aspects of the federal firearms statutes are often important in such cases. Even when a charge may seem straightforward, such as an accusation of being a felon in possession of a firearm, the potential penalty for the charges can vary greatly depending on a number of technical factors. Camille has represented people in every type of firearms case and has successfully defended people using her experience with how the government charges firearm offenses.

RICO / Hobbs Act

During the past several years, the government has brought allegations involving organized efforts to commit various types of robberies in violation of the federal Hobbs Act. In some cases, the government will charge violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute. These charges have very serious potential penalties and typically involve large amounts of discovery including travel, social medial, telephone, computer activity, credit card, banking information, and other electronic data. Camille has represented clients in several of these kinds of cases in multiple federal district courts and is exceptionally familiar with these investigations and prosecutions.

Civil Cases / Parallel Proceedings

Camille has represented individuals, companies and municipalities in federal litigation involving alleged anti-trust violations, trademark and trade secret misappropriation, class actions, shareholder derivative suits, civil rights violations, contract actions, construction litigation and products liability matters. Camille also regularly advises people and companies in ongoing parallel civil and quasi-criminal/potential criminal litigation.

Client Reviews

Absolutely Love Camille! She is so down to earth and knows her stuff. She is totally confident to go up against whatever the issue is and I am so thankful to have her as my attorney.

Andrea Smith

First-Class Representation. I don't know what I would have done without Camille. She was incredibly helpful in keeping me from a dire situation, over an incident that had gotten long out of control. All of my associates who have met her have commented to me on how sharp she is, and how lucky I was...


My Life Saver!! I don’t know what I would do without Camille on my side. She helped me, explained things on my level, has never spoken down to me, and is just the absolute best! She really knows her stuff and I’m just so proud to have her on my side.


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