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Case Results

  • Immunity agreement for client investigated in wire fraud and money laundering case.
  • Prosecution declination for client investigated in “pill mill” drug distribution conspiracy.
  • Hung jury after trial for client charged with bankruptcy fraud. Charges later dismissed.
  • Acquittal at trial for client charged with bank fraud conspiracy.
  • Declination of prosecution for client investigated in connection with a healthcare fraud conspiracy.
  • Reduction of charges to misprision and agreed sentence of probation for client charged in a healthcare fraud conspiracy.
  • Below-guidelines variant/below minimum mandatory sentence for client charged with a mandatory minimum 10-year sentence in drug distribution conspiracy.
  • Reduction of charges to firearms offense for client originally charged in drug distribution conspiracy. Drug charges dismissed.
  • Reduction of charges from 10-year mandatory minimum drug distribution charge to use of telecommunications facility with a 4-year maximum sentence. Sentence of time served assessed.
  • Below-guidelines variant sentence of 82 months (almost 7 years) less than low end of guidelines range in drug distribution conspiracy.
  • Reduction of charges to firearms offense for client originally charged with human trafficking.
  • Multiple sentences vacated on appeal and sent back to district courts for re-sentencing of clients.
  • Successful finding of lack of ACCA-qualified convictions at sentencing for client, dropping penalty range from mandatory minimum of 15 years; ultimate sentence 80 months.
  • Early termination of supervised release for several clients.

Client Reviews

Absolutely Love Camille! She is so down to earth and knows her stuff. She is totally confident to go up against whatever the issue is and I am so thankful to have her as my attorney.

Andrea Smith

First-Class Representation. I don't know what I would have done without Camille. She was incredibly helpful in keeping me from a dire situation, over an incident that had gotten long out of control. All of my associates who have met her have commented to me on how sharp she is, and how lucky I was...


My Life Saver!! I don’t know what I would do without Camille on my side. She helped me, explained things on my level, has never spoken down to me, and is just the absolute best! She really knows her stuff and I’m just so proud to have her on my side.


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