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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Camille Knight is many things.

Experienced. Savvy. Shotokan Karate Brown Belt. Eastern European history buff.

But primarily, she’s a warrior. A warrior with exceptional criminal defense skills and expertise. From federal white-collar and complex fraud cases to offenses involving drugs and guns, Camille Knight goes into battle armed with all the experience and tools required to defend her clients with unrelenting resolve and determination.

With over 20 years of experience, Camille has built a formidable reputation as a tenacious fighter with the grit and determination to track down details and gather crucial information. Whether serving as lead counsel or lending her expertise to others on a team, she brings a wealth of invaluable litigation experience, negotiation savvy and trial skills to every case. Her record of success is as lengthy as it is impressive, as is her dedication to serving and representing every one of her clients with the highest degree of professionalism and respect.

If you or a loved one is facing a federal criminal investigation or formal accusation, you need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who understands the federal process, laws and sentencing guidelines. Federal prosecutions and potential sentences are vastly different than most state court prosecutions and potential sentences. Some types of federal charges can affect the ability of an accused to obtain bond. Separate federal districts have different procedures and timing issues. Camille is an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who has practiced in federal district courts in Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin for over 20 years and understands how these differences in federal laws and federal districts can impact an investigation or federal charges.

If you are an attorney seeking assistance or expertise, or needing local counsel, in a federal criminal matter, Camille has experience in all types of federal prosecutions, including complex investigations and indictments. She is familiar with handling discovery in matters that involve several terabytes of data and how to navigate defending large-scale matters. Similarly, Camille is experienced in cases involving voluminous Title III discovery, including wiretaps of Spanish language communications.

Likewise, having practiced extensively in federal district courts in Texas, Camille is familiar with the pace of proceedings in those districts and the prosecutors and agents who are involved in those cases. Camille is also a longtime Spanish speaker, having studied the language from grade school through college.

Experience and expertise matters when hiring a federal criminal defense lawyer. Camille has experience, expertise in most types of federal matters, and the ability to communicate effectively bilingually.

About Camille

Camille graduated in the top 2% of her law school class. While in law school, she worked for one of the most highly respected federal criminal defense lawyers in Chicago, and also interned at the Federal Defender’s Office in Chicago. Immediately after law school, became a law clerk for a federal judge in Dallas who had been a federal criminal defense lawyer in Texas and South Dakota. After her clerkship, Camille worked at one of the biggest Texas law firms at the time, gaining experience in complex litigation, both civil and criminal in nature. Following her dedication to defend people charged in federal cases, she then joined the Office of the Federal Public Defender in Dallas. Obtaining this experience in complex civil cases, and in the particular issues involved in federal criminal defense, has allowed Camille to represent all her clients, from every background, with the highest degree of professionalism and ability.

Camille is also highly active in the local legal community. She holds leadership positions in both the Mac Taylor American Inn of Court and the North Texas Federal Criminal Practice Inn of Court. She is a member of the Federal Bar Association and also serves as the national representative for the Criminal Justice Act panel in the Northern District of Texas. This service in the legal community, along with Camille’s practice experience, has allowed her to form excellent relationships with both prosecutors and defense lawyers.

Client Reviews

Absolutely Love Camille! She is so down to earth and knows her stuff. She is totally confident to go up against whatever the issue is and I am so thankful to have her as my attorney.

Andrea Smith

First-Class Representation. I don't know what I would have done without Camille. She was incredibly helpful in keeping me from a dire situation, over an incident that had gotten long out of control. All of my associates who have met her have commented to me on how sharp she is, and how lucky I was...


My Life Saver!! I don’t know what I would do without Camille on my side. She helped me, explained things on my level, has never spoken down to me, and is just the absolute best! She really knows her stuff and I’m just so proud to have her on my side.


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